Reading Glasses

Once you cross the age of 40, you will require reading glasses. It does not matter whether you have a 20/20 vision, are farsighted or nearsighted. You will find it difficult to read books, newspapers, periodicals, and even the text on your smartphone or computer display, especially the small sized text. Although you can correct farsightedness through surgery or with the help of contact lenses, reading glasses are the ideal option. Contact lenses are bothersome, as you have to maintain them by washing them with a special cleaning fluid every day. Apart from this, you will hardly be able to find them if they fall down accidentally when you are wearing them. If you are facing problems in reading, you will need to consult an ophthalmologist. He will check your vision with the help of certain tests to determine whether you are suffering from hyperopia or myopia or both of them, and prescribe glasses having a specific power that will correct the visibility of your eyes. You will have to visit an eyeglass store that will create glasses as prescribed by the doctor by buffing optically pure glasses until they have the power as prescribed by the ophthalmologist.

Extra information about reading glasses


The primary advantage of such glasses is that you only need to wear them when you are reading. This is true for individuals who are suffering from near sightedness. In such a situation, the eyes focus objects behind the retina instead of on it. This problem occurs when the eyeball of an individual becomes too short. This prevents the incoming light from focussing directly on to the retina. An abnormal shape of the lens of the eye (known in medical parlance as cornea) also causes this problem. These glasses change the focal point of the light entering the eye so that it focusses on the retina. When you read text on printed media or on the screen of your computer, the light reflecting from the text on the printed media or the computer's screen enters your eye. Your brain processes this data and deciphers it so that you can see the text. Remember, many individuals cannot see close objects even when they are young. This is due to hereditary problems. Therefore, even a young individual might find it difficult to read text and has to strain to see it. This leads to headaches. It is possible to solve this problem by visiting the ophthalmologist to get the vision tested. This eye specialist will recommend the individual to wear reading glasses having a specific power to ensure that he can read text without any problems.

Important Point

Apart from being unable to read text, an individual suffering from hyperopia will not be able to see other objects clearly too. You have a wide range of frames to choose from when you decide to wear reading glasses. Select one that is light in weight, as wearing a heavy one will leave a permanent scar on the bridge of your nose. You select a frame that suits your personality. Get rid of reading problems with the help of such glasses.